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ERDF Management

The Secretary General of the CHSegura is the unit responsible for monitoring, verification and economic and administrative management of European Funds.

The grants assigned to the CHS to cofinance eligible investments are paid once the CHS executes the expenditure and applies for reimbursement, following the procedure established by the Operational Programmes Management Authority.

Regular income and expenditure reports are made to the European Commission through certified statements of expenditure and applications for reimbursement. Applications for reimbursement can only be made for expenses that have already been paid.

Accounting and payments based on construction certificates are the responsibility of the Budget and Accounting Service of the General Secretariat. After making the payments, it submits all information about payments for projects that are cofunded by the ERDF to the Service Responsible for European Funds, as well as any economic and financial information about the cofunded projects that this service deems necessary, for correct execution of certificates and obtaining reimbursement.