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Crevillente Reservoir


The function of Crevillente Reservoir is that of regulating part of the flows transported by the Left Bank Distribution Canals to meet the irrigation demands of part of the irrigation community Riegos de Levante de la Margen Izquierda in an area located in the Júcar river basin. Its reduced catchment area and small flow volumes would never have justified the construction of this reservoir that practically acts as a regulating reservoir at the tail-end of the Canal. It is an important piece in the distribution of the water coming from the Tagus-Segura Aqueduct through the Distribution Canals, and so practically all its inflow comes from the Tagus-Segura Joint Exploitation

Crevillente Reservoir is a gravity dam, of a straight ground plan -except in the area of the two abutments where there a slight curvature -, of loose materials with a clay core. The core is the impervious element, and it goes from the foundations to one metre below the crest level. Going from the inside to the outside, the reservoir is formed by the core of clayey loams, two layers of filter material -fine and thick – downstream from the core, two shoulders built with graded aggregate from the area, an outer cradle of gravel, and a layer of rockfill facing. The length of the reservoir on the ground plan is 360 m, its height from the foundations is 58.00 m, being 54.50 m on the bed. The volume of earth used to build the body of the dam was 100,000 m³.

The cross-section of the dam is trapezoidal with an upstream slope of 2.35:1 and a downstream slope of 2.60:1. The crest is 147.50 high and 12.50 m wide.

So as to limit the interstitial pressures during the construction of the dam and when the drawoffs take place, it has a complex system of filters and drains built on both shoulders.

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