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Crevillente Reservoir


Crevillente Reservoir, also known as the Depósito Regulador del Canal de Crevillente (Crevillente Canal Regulating Reservoir), is located in the ravine called Barranco del Bosch. This ravine has a discontinuous, low water flow, and so the flows coming from the basin itself are practically non-existent, its main source of supply being the Crevillente Canal. This Canal flows at a lower level than that of the reservoir and so the water can either continue directly toward the distribution system of the irrigable area or be diverted toward a pumping station that pumps it up to the reservoir for its regulation. The pumping station is located on the left embankment of the Canal, near the foot of the dam, and the pumped flow reaches the reservoir through a reversible inlet that goes through a tunnel beneath the right abutment of the dam.

Crevillente dam and reservoir can be found on the Servicio Geográfico del Ejército Map Number 893 (Elche), on a scale of 1:50 000, published in 1997. The dam closes the Barranco del Bosch, about 6 km upstream from its outlet into the Laguna del Hondo.

The coordinates of the point where the Bosch ravine meets the reservoir comes as follows:

U.T.M. coordinates :

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Geographical coordinates (based on the Greenwich meridian):

Longitud 2º 53' 45" West
Latitud 38º 15' 25" North

Access to the dam and reservoir

The dam is located at the intersection of the former CN-330 main road -connecting Crevillente with Albacete (today the CN-325) - with Barranco del Bosch, in the municipal district of Crevillente, province of Alicante, in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. From Murcia, Crevillente reservoir is reached by the A-7 (E-15) Autopista del Mediterráneo, taking the Crevillente turn-off, going through the town and then taking a diversion to connect with the current N-325 main road. The access to the dam is well-signposted at km 19 of this road. The dam buildings are to be found about two hundred metres later and access to them is along a paved road.

The geographical environment of the reservoir is densely populated and the distance by road from the dam to the most important cities is 1.5 km to Crevillente, 11 km to Elche, 47 km to Murcia and 28 km to Alicante. The nearest railway station and airport are in the city of Alicante.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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