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José Bautista Reservoir


The José Bautista Martín Reservoir, then called the El Romeral Reservoir, is one of the most important works included in the Flood Control Plan of the Segura river Basin drawn up in 1977.

With its capacity of 5.55 million cubic metres this reservoir is essentially intended to abate the River Guadalentín floods.

José Bautista reservoir picture

The José Bautista Martín Reservoir is of a mixed type: gravity on the riverbed and loose material in the side closure dike on the left abutment. The section chosen for the main dam is based on a gravity design with a strong base and a conservative section, with an angle in the upriver wall which displaces the vertex and improves the pressure dissipation. It is a weir dam, - conventional concrete straight plan gravity dam. There is an overfall spillway in the central part of the main dam which flows into a stilling basin. The scour outlet which also flows into the stilling basin is situated on the central block.

José Bautista reservoir picture

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