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Moratalla Reservoir


The reservoir associated with Moratalla´s dam and environment are inside the Cuenca of the Segura, in the Region of Murcia, to the N.O. of the Autonomous Community. Concretly there are located in the leaf 889, MORATALLA, from the IGN to scale 1: 50.000. The territory corresponds to the province of Murcia, Moratalla´s municipal area.

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The access to the prey from Murcia realizes across the highway A-30 Murcia - Madrid, connecting with the sale of the Olive tree. From this point it is continued up to Calasparra by the road C-3314, with a tour of 24 km. From this locality there takes the road MU-510 that Calasparra connects with the road C-3211, being to 4 km the beginning of the approach road to the closed one.

The above mentioned access borders on the zone of the river, ascending then up to the skirt of the calcareous sting of an insect of the right margen to end up by connecting with the coronation of the dam for his margin right, after crossing a length of 1140 m.

Another possible access from Murcia realizes by means of the highway that it joins the capital with Caravaca. Just before coming to the above mentioned population the detour has to take towards Calasparra. From this population the itinerary to continuing coincides with the explicitado previously.

it is possible to accede to the approach road to the dam from the road C-3211, which joins the populations of Socovos and Moratalla, continuing for the MU-510.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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