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Santomera reservoir


In 1933 Plan Nacional de Obras Hidráulicas (National Hydraulic Works Plan) was drawn up, which included the projects for the preliminary plans for the base works regarding floods and reservoirs; the Rambla de Santomera Reservoir) was included therein.

The Spanish Civil War in the following years led to the works being abandoned until they were recovered in the Act passed on 11th April 1939, when the Plan Nacional de Obras Públicas was passed. And part of this included the above-mentioned Plan Nacional de Obras Hidráulicas which covered the drainage basins in the areas under the new political regime and which in 1940 was extended to cover all the areas of Spain. Among the works included for the Segura basin were the constructions of the reservoirs for correcting the Ramblas del Moro, El Judío and Santomera.

Santomera reservoir

THE PROJECT FOR RETENTION AND EXPLOITATION OF FLOODWATERS IN THE RAMBLAS DE SANTOMERA AND ABANILLA, BY MEANS OF THE SANTOMERA RESERVOIR AND AS FLOOD PROTECTION FOR THE VEGA BAJA DEL SEGURA was drawn up by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura in August 1950 in an attempt to protect the rich fertile lands from the catastrophic floods occurring in these wadis

This project envisaged the construction of the Santomera dam (including its auxiliary dyke), the construction of a diversion dam in the Rambla de Abanilla and of a 7,850 m long canal with a flow capacity of 250 m³/s for the transfer of waters to the Santomera reservoir.

Using such a system would concentrate the Santomera wadi (Rambla Salada) floodwaters in the reservoir, as well as those coming from the River Chícamo (or Rambla de Abanilla), with a larger catchment basin than the former.

Prior to the regulation reports of the Ministry and Council of Public Works by order of the Ministry of 11th June 1954 the part referring to the Santomera dam and the regulation of its wadi was technically approved, with the exclusion of the transfer from the Rambla de Abanilla, which would require further study, and with the proviso that the Asesoría Geológica (Geological Office) and the Jefatura de Sondeos (Probings Office) were to issue a report regarding the conditions of the land. An Amended Approach Project was later drawn up which envisaged the recommended modifications following the surveys mentioned.

Once the official report was made public by Ministerial Order on 10th April 1956, it was passed, along with the project, on 6th June, 1956.

There was a public call for tender for the works on 30th April 1959 and the works were awarded on 14th January 1960 with a completion date set 32 months thereafter.

Santomera reservoir

On 18th May 1960 the works were reassessed and the corresponding Report was prepared which set out, on the basis of the Dam Surveillance Report dated 15th March 1960, the need to prepare a Reform Project.

This was duly authorized on 26th July 1960 and the Reform Project was drawn up. It was technically and definitively passed on 15th December 1963, and an extension of the deadline was granted through to 18th September 1965.

The works were finished within the set time and on 23rd January 1967, they were provisionally accepted, which was certificated on 10 May of the same year.

Following the period of guarantee, the works were definitively accepted on 15th February 1968.

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