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El Mayés Reservoir

Dam and reservoir access

The access to the dam is from Murcia on the Madrid-Cartagena 301 main road, turning left at Archena and taking the MU-411 minor road, then the Archena-Mula MU-530 minor road for about six kilometres (6 km), where you will find the Segura Right Bank Distribution Canal Service Road. Follow this road and after approximately four kilometres two hundred metres (4.2 km) you will see the dam installations on the right. These installations are connected with the headquarters of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura by means of a transmitter-receiver, as well as by a telephone line with the number 968 67 10 14.

The largest nearest city is Murcia, which is 34.1 km away. Smaller towns which are also nearby are: Molina de Segura (23.6 km), Alcantarilla (30.4 km) and Cieza (33.9 km). The nearest town (without taking into account small scattered villages) is Archena, 10.2 km away.

El Mayés Reservoir Picture
El Mayés Reservoir

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