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Morrón Reservoir


On July 25 and 26, 1986, heavy rains in the area flooded the town of La Estacada, a rural district in Jumilla with a population of 1500 inhabitants, as well as the entire lower Morrón basin up all the way to its mouth in the Judío riverbed.

As a consequence of this event, the drafting of a local protection plan aimed at reducing the risk of future floods, which had historically affected the area, was ordered. In order to accomplish its end purpose, it was necessary to establish a battery of at least three sequential dams while taking advantage of a suitable area in El Morrón riverbed. In any case, it was decided to immediately carry out the project and build the first dam (El Morrón dam).

Said requirement was urgently completed, so that in September of the same year of the flood (1986), the 09/86 Project, the "Morrón riverbed laminating flood dam" drafted by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation Engineer, Francisco García Ortiz, was finished. The project received final technical approval on September 17, 1986, by means of a resolution issued by the General Directorate of Hydraulic Works of the Ministry for Public Works and Urban Planning.

Morrón dam. Downstream view
Morrón dam. Downstream view.

The works were directly awarded to the Sociedad Anónima de Trabajos y Obras (SATO) on December 23, 1986, and the contract executed three days later. The document verifying readiness for construction was issued on December 26, 1986, the date marking the start of the works. Works were finished on March 1, 1987, and they were provisionally received on June 14, 1988 and entered into the record on September 10 of the same year.

The aforementioned provisional liquidation was approved in September 1989. The final reception document was issued on December 12, 1989 at the works site. The final liquidation was drawn up in October 1991.

In March 1997, the El Morrón dam classification proposal based on potential risk was established as category B. Finally, on May 12, 2000, the El Morrón dam was classified according to potential break or malfunction risk as B.

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