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Morrón Reservoir


The dam of The Morrón is in the province of Murcia in Jumilla´s Municipal area. It is placed on the Ravine of the Morrón, which takes his name of the High place of the Morrón, at the foot of whose hillsides it thinks up the ravine in question. In ancient planes, it is named also A Ravine of the Rodalizas and in relatively recent cartography (1993) it is the Ravine of the Jinjolero the one that gives name to the riverbed.

The place where there locates the dam and almost all his basin slope 26-34 "Jumilla" is in the high part of the leaf(sheet) n °, of the Map 1:50.000 of the Geographical Service of the Army (SGE) corresponding to her(it) n ° 869 of the Geographical National Institute (IGN). A small part of the basin happens to be in the immediate leaf n ° 26-33 (SGE).

The riverbed ends, as already has been indicated, in the ravine of the Jew, riverbed that does it in turn in the Segura.

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The access to the dam, from Murcia, is realized taking the highway A-30 with direction to Cieza. The past above mentioned population must think direction to Jumilla in her connect with the Sale of the Olive tree, by means of the road C-3314.

In Jumilla, the regional one must think 3213 to Hellín, with kilometric origin in Jumilla. To something more from 7 km from Jumilla it departs towards the left side a dirt track that leads to the dam(cross without signposting).

This way is passable without difficulty in his first meters though before reaching the dam of The Morrón he is very damaged, being difficult the access to the closed one.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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