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La Risca Reservoir


The reservoir associated with the La Risca dam and its surroundings are within the Segura river Basin in the Region of Murcia, to the North West of the Autonomous Community. They are located on Map 889, MORATALLA, of the IGN (Spanish National Geographical Institute) at a scale of 1: 50.000. The land is in the province of Murcia, in the municipality of Moratalla.

The River Moratalla is a tributary of the Segura river, on its right bank, and on the Official Maps of the National Geographical Institute has two names, where it is indistinctly called the River Moratalla or Benamor. According to local residents, and backed up by the Autonomous Community of Murcia’s Regional Map in its 1982 edition, the River Moratalla is called the River Alhárabe from its source to its confluence with its main tributary on the right bank, which is the River Benamor. This confluence takes place 5 km downriver from the town of Moratalla, close to El Cobo.

The intersection of the La Risca dam axis with the River Alhárabe occurs at the following geographical coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Geographical coordinates (based on the Greenwich meridian):

X 2º 03' 55'' West
Y 38º 11' 34'' North

Access to the dam and reservoir

Access to the reservoir is via the C-415 main road towards Caravaca de la Cruz, a two-lane road which branches off the A-7 Motorway in the Municipality of Alcantarilla, near the capital of the Region.

From Caravaca de la Cruz (at about 75 km from Murcia) one continues north on the local secondary road C-415 for about 13 km towards Moratalla.

From this town one takes the local minor road MU-703 which goes round the southern flank of the Sierra de Los Álamos. After about 23 km one arrives at Campo de San Juan, from where one takes the access road.

The access road to the dam goes round the right shore of the reservoir and reaches the dam after about 1,500 metres. After passing the dam now on the left shore the road continues with a branch of about 350 m which leads to the local La Risca road.

The road is 5 m wide with two hard shoulders of 0.50 m each. The road surface is made up of, from the bottom upwards, a 0.25 m sub-base of a natural sand-gravel mix, a 0.20 m base of artificial sand-gravel mix and a top layer of a hot type S-20 bitumen mixture.

Other possible access routes to the dam if the MU-703 road is cut off from Moratalla are as below::

  • From Caravaca de la Cruz on the local road C-330 for about 13 km until the turning for Archivel. From this turning, in the direction of Archivel, on the local road MU-702 for about 34 km until reaching the junction with the MU-703. From this junction, taking the MU-703 towards Moratalla, the turning towards the dam is in about 5 km.
  • From Caravaca de la Cruz towards Moratalla. From Moratalla on the local secondary road C-3211 for about 21 km until the junction with the local minor road B-30. From this road, to Benízar and then towards El Sabinar, for about 10 km to the junction with the local road which leads to the dam. From the junction to the dam the access road is slightly less than 5 km long.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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