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Azud de Toma del Taibilla Reservoir


The Azud de Toma del Taibilla reservoir can be found in the municipality of Nerpio, Albacete. The location of the reservoir is marked on sheet nº 888 of the plan 1/50000. The U.T.M coordinates of the point of intersection of the Taibilla riverbed with the reservoir axis are:

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

Due to the construction works of the reservoir an accessway was created from road AB-702, from Sabinar to Nerpio, at a distance of 10 km from Sabinar. From its beginning you must cover a distance of 10 km to reach the Toma del Taibilla reservoir. There is another accessway to the reservoir, from Vizcable to Yetas, which is much longer, but in case of a blockage of the reservoir service road, it is possible to reach it although it take a little more time. This road arose as a project which was separate from that of the reservoir, as it consisted in a service road for the whole of the Taibilla Canal. For this reason there is no information of the road in any of the reservoir plans.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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