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Mula river restoration project. Municipalities of Mula and Albudeite (Murcia).

The Mula river, a tributary of the Segura on its right margin and with a length of approximately 64 km, has its source at the Fuentes de Mula, 670 meters above sea level, and recieves significant water inputs from the Buret, Lavia, Ceperos, Plaza de los Pastores and El Charco sloping riverbeds. The section subject to ecological improvement goes downstream from the Cierva dam up to the border between the municipalities of Albudeite and Campos del Río, for an approximate length of 18 km.

Location map

In order to achieve the goals of the National River Restoration Strategy, the project aims at improving the ecological condition of this section of the river, currently degraded by the alteration of its natural flow and other human-induced stresses (invasion of non-native species, stress due to agricultural activities, etc.) which are causing the decline of the riverbank ecosystem.

Reference and status
Phase Status
Ecological Condition Assessment(ECA) Checked out
Open Day.

Two meetings were held:

On 07/15/2009 at 10:30 a.m. in the Mula townhall. Plaza del Hospital s/n next to the Public Libray.

Día 07/15/2009 at 17:00 pm in the Albudeite Townhall Auditorium

Project drafting Pending
Meeting for the presentation of the Project Actions:

06/17/2010 at 10:00 a.m. at the Cultural Events Hall of Caja Murcia in Mula (c/Boticas) and 06/17/2010 at the Auditorium of the Hon. Albudeite Town hall.


Mula river photograph

For the purpose of fostering public participation of all interested citizens, administrations and organizations, here is the email address: restauracionderios@chsegura.es and the phone number 968248808 where you may request more information about this Process.