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Chronology of floods and reservoirs. (1/3)

Below we have the chronology of the main floods occurred in the river basin, and the corresponding infrastructures for flood protection designed and built since 1879..

15th October (Santa Teresa flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

This terrible and tragic flood, which even hits the headlines abroad, led to the "Congreso contra las Inundaciones de la Región de Levante" [Congress against the Floods of the Eastern Coastal Region of Spain] being held in Murcia in March 1885 to deal with the floods in the region, as a result of which the Civil Engineers Mr Ramón García Hernández and Mr Luis Gaztelu Maritorena drew up an extensive flood protection works plan called "Proyecto de Obras de Defensa contra las Inundaciones en el Valle del Segura", [Flood Protection Works Project in the Segura Valley] and dated in the year 1886.

This was the first global Flood Control Plan drawn up in Spain, which was surprising due to the forward-looking approach of these engineers, who had already proposed regulating the Segura river at its headwaters, although, in this Plan, a greater number of works had been designed for the Guadalentín river basin, which up until then, was the one which had caused most damage due to flooding.

Nogalte Pto. Lumbreras Wadi

22nd May ( La Ascensión flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

Puentes III reservoir. Rivers Vélez and Luchena. Called Puentes III reservoir because there had previously been two other dams, one called Puentes I (1648), on which works began on 16th December 1647, under the direction of the architect Pedro Guillén, but destroyed in the flood, which occurred on 5th August 1648, when the reservoir foundations were still being laid. The other reservoir, Puentes II (1785), designed by Jerónimo Martínez de Lara, ruptured on 30th April 1802, causing the deaths of 608 personas in Lorca..

20th September. Cartagena Wadis.

In Cartagena, Santa Lucía Church was flooded, the water reaching a height of 1 metre.

20th September. Segura river.

The Segura overflowed its banks in Murcia, flooding streets such as Saavedra Fajardo, Trinidad, Platería, etc., the water reaching a height of 1 metre.

2nd September (La Feria flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

11th September ( San Jacinto flood). River Guadalentín.

31st March (San Amos flood). Rivers Segura and Guadalentín.

Flood picture

13rd February (San Gregorio II flood) Segura river.

The river overflowed its banks in Calasparra and Cieza. Flooding continued in Orihuela, the water reaching a height of three metres. Fields turned into an arm of the sea, since the water reached Cruz de las Moreras.
10th April (Maundy Thursday Flood). Rivers Segura and Guadalentín, Nogalte Wadi.

13th September (San Eulogio flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

Paretón reservoir and by-pass channel to Mazarrón. River Guadalentín. Flood Protection Works Project in the Segura Valley (1886). The channel had a drainage capacity of 100 cubic metres per second for the River Guadalentín. This reservoir and channel were built following the Santa Teresa flood occurred in October 1879.

Extension of the Valdeinfierno reservoir (1806), River Caramel or Alcaide.

Flood Protection Works Project (1886), built following the Santa Teresa flood (1879) (1879)

16th January (San Fulgencio flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

The by-pass channel to Mazarrón, at Paretón de Totana, comes into operation for the first time.

Flood Segura river Vega Murcia

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