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Chronology of floods and reservoirs. (2/3)

27th June (San Aniceto Flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura. Moreras Wadi.

28th September. Rivers Guadalentín and Segura and Moreras Wadi.

13th October. Segura river.

5th September (San Julián Flood). Rivers Guadalentín, Moratalla, Argos and Segura. Moreras Wadi.

25th September. Salada Wadi.

The water reached a height of two metres in the town of Santomera. The flood caused 24 victims.

21st April. River Guadalentín and Moreras Wadi.

28th November (San Saturnino Flood). Rivers Segura, Moratalla, Argos, Quípar and Mula.

19th December. Segura river.

The Segura river quickly overflowed its banks and flooded mills on its way through Murcia. In Orihuela the water reached the treetops.

Alfonso XIII reservoir. River Quípar. Flood Protection Works Project (1886), although in that project it was called Quípar reservoir. Built following the Santa Teresa flood (1879), and to regulate the flooding of the River Quípar.


Reservoir builiding

1918 Talave reservoir. Mundo river.

Flood Protection Works Project (1886). Also built following the famous Santa Teresa flood and because the Mundo river was not regulated at the time.

1919 29th September (San Miguel Flood). Benipila, Hondón Wadis and Campo de Cartagena Wadis..

In some streets the water reached an incredible height, for example in Santa Florentina it reached a height of 2.50 metres, the City Hall 2 metres and in the Plaza del Rey 2.20 m. This was due to the combined overflow of the Benipila and El Hondón wadis (ramblas). The amount of mud removed from the streets in the city was approximately 22,000 cubic metres. About twenty persons were killed and many were reported as missing. The whole of the Campo de Cartagena was completely devastated.

1921 24th September (La Virgen de las Mercedes Flood). Rivers Segura and Guadalentín..

1924 17th October (San Pedro Alcántara flood). Segura river.

1926 5th September. Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

13th November (Santa Victoria Flood). The Rivers Argos, Segura, Guadalentín and Campo de Cartagena Wadis. The Segura river overflowed its banks flooding the Parque de Ruiz Hidalgo in Murcia, el Tiro Nacional, mills, the livestock market and the Plazas de San Pedro and Belluga. Several parts of the huerta area [fertile, irrigated and cultivated plains typical of this region] were flooded as well as the villages of Rincón de Beniscornia, Llano de Brujas, Raal and the huerta area of Santomera, Calasparra, Cieza and Orihuela. In Cartagena the wadis overflowed their banks, flooding fields.


Nogalte Pto. Lumbreras wadi flood

1927 16th August. Algeciras and Librilla Wadis. River Guadalentín.
1928 16th August. Rivers Argos y Segura.
1929 10th June. Segura river and Vega Media del Segura Wadis.

Various streets of Murcia were flooded and a house collapsed in the district of San Juan.

Five thousand tahullas [land measurement in S.E. Spain of 11.18 ares (= 0.28 acres)] were flooded in Alquerías. The wadi overflowed and flooded Zeneta. La Salada (Santomera), Cabezo de la Plata, Torreagüera and Churra wadis also overflowed, flooding terraced fields and wiping out paths and roads.

La Cierva reservoir. River Mula. Formerly known as Corcovado reservoir. Built for local irrigation, although it is used for flood lamination purposes.

1931 24th September. Cartagena Wadis. Segura river and Vega Media del Segura Wadis.

The Puerto de la Cadena Wadis overflowed as well as other tributaries of the Reguerón. The Bójar Wadis, in Beniaján, overflowed causing three deaths and in the municipality of Cieza, wadis and ravines overflowed.

25th December. Rivers Segura and Guadalentín.Salada Wadi (Santomera).

1933 14th June. River Guadalentín.

La Fuensanta reservoir. Segura river. The actions to be carried out in accordance with the Flood Protection Works Project (1866) were focused on the Puente de los Vizcaínos reservoir (Segura river) and the Palomar reservoir (river Tus), included in the second group of works whose construction was conditionally proposed, and which were later replaced by La Fuensanta reservoir, on the Segura river, downriver from the confluence of both rivers, at the Estrecho de Carrizosa. La Fuensanta reservoir was the first reservoir to be built on the Segura river

1938 27th September. Rivers Segura and Guadalentín.

In the area of Los Garres, the Reguerón burst its banks, flooding an extensive part of its huerta area, and causing great damage.


Segura river Estación Aforos

1939 20th October. Rivers Segura, Pliego and Mula. Salada Wadis (Santomera) and Benipila.

1941 28th June. River Guadalentín.

11th September. Hondón and Campo de Cartagena Wadis. Several streets of the district of Santa Lucía in Cartagena were all flooded. The area of El Almarjal turned into a great lagoon. In the town of El Algar, the waters coming from the wadis flooded the Plaza del Hondón. In the coastal village of Los Nietos twelve houses were razed to the ground by the avalanche of water.

25th September. Cartagena Wadis and Campo.

1942 14th September. Rivers Guadalentín y Segura.

The Reguerón overflowed and flooded El Palmar, Aljucer, La Alberca, Santo Ángel and Patiño causing great damage to houses and fields. Downriver, at Beniajan, Torreagüera and Alquerías, more than one thousand tahullas of fields were flooded.

15th November. Puerto de la Cadena and Salada (Santomera) Wadis. Segura river.

1943 17 de Septiembre. Ramblas del Judío y del Moro. Río Segura.

9 de Octubre. Ríos Guadalentín, Argos, Quípar, Pliego, Mula y Segura. Ramblas de la Vega Media del Segura.

Widespread flooding was caused by the Reguerón bursting its banks due to the inflow of the River Guadalentín, 25,000 tahullas of the huerta area of Murcia being flooded. The towns of Alcantarilla and El Palmar were also flooded, as well as Espinardo because of the Obispo Wadi, and Alquerías because of the Puerto del Garruchal. The Segura river flooded Beniaján, Santa Cruz and Beniel. Downriver, the city of Orihuela and its huerta area were seriously affected, 8,000 tahullas being flooded as well as other areas of the Vega Baja.

26th December. Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

1944 12th September. Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

24th December. Librilla Wadi. Rivers Guadalentín, Mula and Segura.

The bridge on the Librilla to Casas Nuevas road in the Bajo Guadalentín was completely washed away. The Reguerón burst its banks between Salabosque and Algezares, flooding the huerta area. The Segura river flooded the whole of Llano de Brujas and its huerta area, as well as the area of Beniaján. It was estimated that around six thousand hectares were flooded. Further flooding occurred on the 27th, caused this time by the Guadalentín overflowing its banks. The floodgates existing at Puertas de Murcia, near Alcantarilla, were wrenched off by the sheer force of the water, and Salabosque bridge on the Reguerón was swept away. The towns of Orihuela, Rojales and Guardamar were flooded by the Segura river.

1945 5th July. Segura river.

8th August. Segura river.


Segura river Rojales

1946 21st April (La Bendita or San Sotero Flood). Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

Rainstorms caused great flooding, with several victims and hundreds of houses destroyed. Near Santa Catalina bridge the Reguerón burst its banks, flooding fields. The water flooded El Palmar bridge. On the 22nd, the Segura overflowed its banks in Murcia, flooding part of the district of San Juan. In general, the whole area between Archena and Guardamar was flooded, causing great damage. 200,000 tahullas of the huerta area were affected by the floods, of which 85,000 corresponded to Orihuela. The Alicante towns of Dolores, Rafal and San Fulgencio were evacuated as its inhabitants ran the risk of being trapped by the waters.

12th November. Rivers Segura and Guadalentín.

1947 14th February. Segura river.

8th March . Segura river.

28th September (Santomera Flood). Segura river and Vegas Media and Baja del Segura Wadis. Salada Wadi.

The wadis of the Vega Media and Baja del Segura overflowed due to torrential rain that caused the flooding of fields from Monteagudo to Guardamar, as the waters coming down the wadis joined those of the Segura river that had swollen considerably. Areas of Alguazas, Molina and Fortuna were flooded. The overflow of the Churra Wadi caused one victim and the destruction of several houses. In Santomera the flood was catastrophic since it destroyed more than 100 houses and caused 12 deaths when Salada Wadi overflowed, leaving more than two thousand people homeless. In the area of Orihuela, the Abanilla Wadi flooded fields and crops, the town of Benferri, whose cemetery was completely destroyed due to the impact of the water. The city of Orihuela and its huerta were flooded by the water coming from the swollen Segura river. Inside the cathedral of this city the water reached a height of almost one metre. Other towns of the Vega Baja were also flooded, for example Catral, Dolores, Almoradí, and Rojales.

1948 27th September. River Guadalentín.

20th October. Rivers Segura, Guadalentín, Quípar and Mula. Benipila, Algeciras, Nogalte and Vega Alta del Segura Wadis.

The water overflowed the crest of the Puentes reservoir, thus increasing the level of the River Guadalentín, flooding 15,000 hectares of the huerta area of Lorca as well as parts of the city. The overflow of the Nogalte Wadi was the cause of the flooding of Puerto Lumbreras. At Sangonera the River Guadalentín caused significant damage to the Paso de los Carros and Puertas de Murcia, and in the Reguerón canal between Salabosque and Algezares, producing floods. As for the area of the Segura river, in the town of Cieza, the wadis Agua Amarga and Cárcabo overflowed, flooding part of the huerta area, and in Archena as well. In Ceutí, the Huete Wadi overflowed, flooding half of the town and its huerta, and the same occurred in Lorquí. The swelling of the River Mula caused the flooding of the town of Alguazas and, at its point of confluence with the Segura, the huerta area of Molina. The Segura flooded parts of Murcia capital, for example several streets of the district of El Carmen, destroying the Vistabella river gauging station. On the 22nd the river completely flooded Orihuela, the water reaching a height of two metres in some places. Also affected by the flood were the towns of Almoradí, Dolores, Rafal and the whole of the municipalities of Bigastro, Jacarilla, Benejúzar and San Fulgencio, approximately 105,000 tahullas being affected. On the 21st Cartagena was flooded due to the swelling of the Benipila Wadi, the water reaching a height of more than one and a half metres. The damages caused to the commercial and industrial centre of the city were highly significant.

1949 16th February. Rivers Guadalentín and Segura.

23th March.Salada (Santomera), Abanilla and Algeciras wadis.

29th April.River Guadalentín.


Segura river Vega Baja flood


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