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Alfonso XIII Reservoir


The reservoir associated with the dam of Alfonso XIII and environment they are inside the basin of Segura, in the Region of Murcia, to the north of the Autonomous Community. Concretly they are located in the leaves 890 (CALASPARRA), from the IGN to scale 1:50.000. The territory corresponds to the province of Murcia, Calasparra´s municipal area.

The dam is located in the river Quípar, in Calasparra´s municipal area (Province of Murcia), to scanty kilometres of the limit between the above mentioned term and that of Cieza, in narrowly named " The mines of the Quípar ", and to a scanty kilometre of the river mouth of the own river Quípar in Segura.

The intersection of the axis of the dam with the riverbed of the river takes place in the point of geographical following coordinates, referred to the meridian of Greenwich in the following coordinates:

X 1º 35' 54" West
Y 38º 13' 28" North

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The access to the facilities of the prey is effected, from Murcia, across the highway A-30. After going out of the above mentioned route in Cieza´s link and this population crossing, the Regional Road takes 330, which leads to Mule. To approximately 3 kilometres a road divides towards the right property of the Hydrographic Federation of Segura that, to approximately 17 kilometres, it happens for the coronation of the prey. In the access for this side to the prey, once spent the settlement of the prey, two tunnels exist before coming to the body of prey, existing the suitable signposting of the gauge of the tunnels.

To reach the dam of Alfonso XIII from Calasparra, there takes the road MU-552. To 6 Calasparra´s kilometres there divides towards the left side a road belonging to the Hydrographic Federation of Seguta that it happens for the coronation of the dam. In the access for this side to the dam, also a tunnel exists before coming to the body of dam, existing the suitable signposting of the gauge.

It is necessary to emphasize on the other hand the risk of detachments in several zones of the road of access, having executed measures preventive and put up signs suitably incident is.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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