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Argos Reservoir


The reservoir associated with the barrier of Argos and its surroundings are in the Segura basin, north of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, and towns of Calasparra Cehegín. Specifically it is located in your 890 (CALASPARRA), IGN (National Geographical Institute) at 1/50.000.

The constructed Argos-Quípar spillway channel which leaves from the Argos reservoir, is located in the south of Calasparra. It runs along the side of los Cabezos de Juan González, which it practically borders..

The dam is situated on the river Argos, in the Borough of Cehegín (Murcia), about three kilometers upstream of the boundary between this term and Calasparra, at the foot of Cabezo Teruel.

The intersection of the axis of the dam to the river occurs in the following geographical coordinates:

Geographical coordinates (based on the Greenwich meridian):

X: 1º 43' 58" West
Y: 38º 10' 25" North

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= : 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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