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Cárcabo reservoir


After the catastrophic floods which the Region of Murcia suffered in the month of October 1973 the “Flood Control Plan of the Segura river Basin” began to be drawn up. On 24th November 1974 the drafting of this “Flood Control Plan of the Segura river Basin” was finished, and it was approved on 9th December of the same year.
One of the works included in the above mentioned Flood Control Plan was El Cárcabo dam, on the wadi of the same name.

El Cárcabo reservoir


In December 1986 the Rules of Tender for the contracts for the technical studies of El Cárcabo Reservoir (Murcia) were drafted.
As a result of the floods in the regions of Murcia and Valencia in July and October of 1986 and November 1987, the Government enacted the Royal Decree 4/1987 of 13 November (State Bulletin 14-11-87) in which emergency measures were taken, to repair the damage caused by the floods in the Autonomous Communities mentioned. El Cárcabo Reservoir is in Annex I “Planned Programme for Execution of the Works”, works which were to be performed between the years of 1990 and 1992.

El Cárcabo reservoir


Because of everything that has been stated above, on the 23rd December 1987, the Directorate-General for Hydraulic Works decided to adjudicate the work of drafting up the Project for the construction of El Cárcabo dam.
On the 12th June 1989 the Ministry of Public Works and Town Planning decided to technically and finally pass this Project. The Directorate-General for Hydraulic Works decided to adjudicate the tendering performed for the contracting of the works, with the subsequent Variation Order being signed on the 13th November 1989.
The works began on the 14th November 1989, with an official completion deadline of the 14th November 1991.
In February 1991 the Chief Engineer for the Works requested authorization for the drafting of Amendment I to the Project.

The basic reasons alleged for the drafting of this Amendment I to the Project were:

- Change in the type of concrete to be used (following the recommendations of the study 06/89 of the Ministry’s Dam Surveillance Service).
- Change the design for the spillway stilling basin.
- Withdrawal of a service lift which had been included initially.
- Fitting out of the tunnels and the joint of the dam and abutment foundations.
- Change the sloping access ramp to the floodgate chamber for a vertical well.

The technical and final approval for this project was passed on the 1st October 1991 by the Directorate-General for Hydraulic Works, and was financially approved, at no extra cost, on the 23rd December of the same year. In this resolution the deadline was extended by eight months from the date of financial approval, thus the new completion deadline was established as the 23rd August 1992.

El Cárcabo reservoir

On the 13th January 1992 work was resumed on the works which had been paralyzed since the 3rd April 1991 in accordance with the Partial Temporary Suspension Act.
During construction of those works which had not been temporarily suspended, contained in Amendment I to the Project, a series of additional works necessary were highlighted to be able to improve the future services which the Reservoir would provide.
On the 25th November 1991 the Directorate-General for Hydraulic Works authorized the drafting of the Project for Additional Works I which was finally passed by Resolution of the aforementioned Directorate-General on 27th May 1992

The following Works were included in the Project for Additional Works I:

- Fitting the Dam’s left abutment with a crest.
- Installation of ventilation and drainage pump systems.
- Supplementary installation of a generator.
- Lighting of the dam’s crest.
- Access via stairs to the second stilling basin.
- Reinforcement and improvement of the access to the floodgate chamber.
- Safety protection in the gaps and intersections of wells with tunnels and of homes for the dam maintenance team.

In July 1994 both the dam works and the additional works were provisionally handed over. The settlement project, dated July 1994, included the works corresponding to the Amendment I to the Project and the Project for Additional Works I.

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