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Territorial environment

In accordance with Royal Decreee 650/1987, of 8 May, the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura covers the territory of the hydrographic basins flowing to the Mediterranean sea between the outlet of the river Almanzora and the left bank of the Gola del Segura at its outlet. In addition the basin includes the hydrographic basin of Rambla de Canales and the land locked zones of Yecla and Corralrubio.

With an approximate surface area of 18,870 km² the basin touches on four autonomous communities, almost the entire region of Murcia and lesser parts to the communities of Andalusia (counties of Jaén, Granada and Almería), Castilla la Mancha (county of Albacete) and Valencia (county of Alicante).

In Article 2, section 2 of the Royal Decree 125/2007, of 2 Feb, in which it’s fixed the territorial field of the Hydrographical Demarcations, it’s established that the Hydrographical Demarcation of the Segura comprises the territory of the hydrographical basins pouring on the Mediterranean Sea between the mouth of the Almanzora river and the left margin of the mouth of the Gola river, including its transition waters; moreover the hydrographical submouth of the Canales watercourse and the endorreic basins of Yecla and Corral-Rubio. The seaside waters contains as south limit the line with orientation of 122º crossing the Puntazo de los Ratones, at the north the mouth of the Almanzora river, and the north limit of the 100º orientation line of the seaside limit between the municipal districts of Elche and Guardamar del Segura. Also in the unique transitory disposition of provisional allegiance of the river basins nontransferred of this decree it’s established that:

  1. The territorial field limit of the hydrographical demarcation including intracommunitarian hydrographical basins which functions and services transfer has not taken place, will be immediately reviewed after this transfer carries out.
  2. Before the previous point review produces, every nontransferred intracommunitarian hydrographical basin will be provisionally ascribed to the hydrographical demarcation which territory is included on the territorial field of the hydrographical confederation in which basin it’s actually included.
  3. The territorial field review of the hydrographical demarcations referred on the section 1 will be enclosed of a territorial field review of the hydrographical confederations actually defined on Article 1 of the Royal Decree 650/1987, of 8 May, in which is defined the territorial fields of the basin organisms and the hydrological plans.