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Administrative units

There are four administrative units that depend directly on the President (View the organigram through areas and level 28):

  1. The General Secretariat.
  2. The Hydrological Planning Office.
  3. The Technical Management Office.
  4. The River Policing Authority.

 Secretaria General Oficina de Planificacion Hidrologica Direccion Tecnica Comisaria de Aguas
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Directory of institutional posts
President Mario Andrés Urrea Mallebrera presidencia@chsegura.es
Technical Director Carlos Javier Marco García direccion.tecnica@chsegura.es
Head of the River Policing Authority Francisco Javier García Garay comisaria@chsegura.es
Head of the Hydrological Planning Office Jesús García Martínez oficina.planificacion@chsegura.es
General Secretary Mónica Gonzalo Martínez secretaria.general@chsegura.es