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Government, Administration and Cooperation bodies

Government bodies | Planning and participation body | Management bodies | Cooperation bodies

The Royal Legislative Decree 1/2001 which approves the rewritten text of the Water Act and its subsequent amendments govern the following Government, Administration and Cooperation bodies.

Government bodies:

  • The Body President
  • The Board of Directors

Planning and participation body:

  • The Water Council

Management bodies:

  • The Water Users’ Assembly
  • The Water Resource Coordinators
  • The Works Councils
  • Water Distribution Management Council

Cooperation bodies:

  • The Committee of Competent Authorities

The Royal Decree 925/1989 , of 21 July, forming the Segura Hydraulic Confederation river basin body, completes the aforementioned legal text, determining the number and origin of the members of the Board of Directors and the Water Council.

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