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In accordance with the intention of the MMA to facilitate active participation in the planning process and as indicated in the "Public Participation Project" for the planning process, various round table meetings have been scheduled.

The objective of these round table meetings is to establish an adequate framework for the development of active public participation among the social and economic entities and the Hydrological Planning Office of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation.

Hydroponic crops in San Pedro del Pinatar (Alicante)
Hydroponic crops in San Pedro del Pinatar (Alicante)

The agricultural round table meeting, which has the largest number of members, is attended by the most respresentative entities of the sector. The largest group is comprised of irrigation communities of water originating from diverse sources (surface, underground, canals) as well, in attendance are agricultural labor unions, agricultural cooperative group entities and agricultural business associations.

The members inicially proposed for the agricultural round table meeting are as follows:

  • Agricultural Labor Unions: ASAJA-Albacete, ASAJA-Murcia, ASAJA-Alicante, ASAJA-Almería, COAG- IR Murcia, COAG-IR Castilla La Mancha, COAG-IR Almería, COAG-IR Valencia, UPA-Murcia , UPA-Castilla La Mancha, UPA-Andalucía, UPA-País Valenciano.
  • Social Economy: Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia (FECOAM), Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Castilla La Mancha (UCAMAN) , Provincial Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Alicante (UPCAA), Provincial Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Businesses of Andalusia and– Almería.
  • Agricultural Businesses: Conservation grups of Alicante, Albacete and Murcia, Association of Exporters and Producers of Fruit, Table Grapes and other Agricultural Products. Murcia (APOEXPA), Provincial Business Federation of Fruit and Horticulture Products of Alicante. (FESPAL), Assiciation of Producers-Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables for the Region of Murcia (PROEXPORT), Spanish Association of Fruits and Vegetables washed and ready for consumption (IV Gama) (AFHORLA).
  • Irrigation Communities: General Irrigation Labor Union for the Sindicato Tajo-Segura aqueduct (SCRATS), CR of Lorca, Irrigators of Levante Left Bank, CR Campo de Cartagena, CR El Porvenir, CR El Acueducto, CR Pilar de la Horada, Central Council of Irrigators of the Segura, Central Council of users of the Vega Norte of the Segura River, Landowners council Huerta de Murcia, Private Court of the waters of Orihuela, Private Court of the waters of Azud de Alfeitamí, Private Court of the waters of Callosa, CR Martínez Parras, CR Blanca, CR Abarán, CR Irrigators of Levante (Right Bank), CR de Pinoso, CR de Crevillente, CR Jumilla Cañada del Judío, CR Ascoy, Benís y Carrasquilla, CR Mazarrón, CR Águilas and CR de Pulpí, Central Council of Irrigators for the Alto Segura

FIRST MEETING (29/11/2007)

The first meeting of this Socioeconomic Sectoral Round Table Meeting was held on 29 November 2007, at 10:00am in the Salón Invierno of the Hotel Nelva (Avenida 1º de Mayo 9, Murcia, T:968 060200).

Download the meeting program and list of attendees PDF Document (46 KB)


Agricultural Round Table Meeting. Photo 1      Agricultural Round Table Meeting. Photo 2

Agricultural Round Table Meeting. Photo 3