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Territorial Round Table Meeting held in Jumilla 18/11/2008

After the first round of territorial round table meetings and in order to debate the different proposals for each of the Important Issues discussed at each, as well analyzing the solutions agreed to for the existing problems, the Segura Hydrographic Confederation has scheduled a second round of territorial round table meetings.

As with the first round, the different interested parties, who have requested their inclusion into the registries of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation and whose geographic implantation within the territory of each round table meeting, have been summoned.

The attendees of the territorial round table meeting held in Jumilla on 18 November 2008 were:

  • COAG Jumilla
  • COAG Murcia
  • Irrigation Community “Miraflores”
  • Irrigation Community “Pozo El Romeral”
  • Irrigation Community Cañada del Judío
  • Irrigation Community Mollidar-Portichuelo
  • Irrigation Community Pozo de las Puntillas
  • Irrigation Community Pozo Román
  • Irrigation Community Pozo Santiago
  • Irrigation Community Santo Cristo de la Encebra
  • Council of Infrastructure and Transport for the Regional Government of Valencia
  • Governmental Delegation of the Region of Murcia
  • Provincial Council of Alicante
  • City Council of Villena
  • City Council of Yecla
  • Hidráulica San Pascual
  • Intecsa
  • Central Council of Users of the overexploited aquifer Ascoy-Sopalmo.
  • SAT nº 1536 Casa de los Ardochos
  • SAT nº 3481 de Pinoso
  • UPA Murcia

Territorial Round Table Meeting Zone 3. Photo 1      Territorial Round Table Meeting Zone 3. Photo 2

Territorial Round Table Meeting Zone 3. Photo 3      Territorial Round Table Meeting Zone 3. Photo 4

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