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Definitive adjudication
Number of process 03.0005.15.018
Title Trabajos técnicos para emisión de informes según art. 25.4 del Texto Refundido de la Ley de Aguas sobre afección al Dominio Público Hidráulico y régimen de corrientes. Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura
Sheet / project
Type Servicios
It forms Adjudication Abierto
Budget of Licitation 181.726,18 €  (V.A.T inc.)
Administrative Unit Comisaria de aguas
Technical responsible López García, Francisco Andrés
Company adjudication GRUSAMAR, Ingeniería y Consulting, S.L.
Amount of adjudication 83.155,37 €  (V.A.T inc.)
Date of adjudication 16/11/2015
Date of publication in the Platform of Contracting of the State 17/11/2015
Bidders Situation Technical Valuation Economic Valuation Budget  (V.A.T inc.)
INDEPRO AVILA 2000, S.L. - Ingeniería de Proyectos Admitida 11,75 59,36 107.491,04 €
GRUSAMAR, Ingeniería y Consulting, S.L. Admitida 18,25 78,82 83.155,37 €
INCOTEC CONSULTORES, S.L. Admitida 11,50 69,37 94.970,10 €
INTECSA-INARSA, S.A. Admitida 13,50 80,00 81.675,00 €
INGIOPSA INGENIERIA, S.L. Admitida 11,50 76,34 86.250,83 €
CONSULNIMA, S.L., Consultoría e Ingeniería Ambiental Admitida 11,50 55,36 112.488,51 €
AQUA AMBIENTE SERVICIOS INTEGRALES, S.A. Admitida 9,25 75,56 87.228,57 €
GETINSA-PAYMA, S.L. Admitida 14,00 69,81 94.424,93 €

The Sheets of Bases, Projects and Sheets of Administrative Clauses that appear in this page, are destined for his use as exclusively informative instrument and therefore they lack juridical validity.

The original ones of these documents are at the disposal of the interested parties in the place indicated in the corresponding BOE.

The results of the administrative qualification of the documentation presented by the bidders, as well as the opening of the economic offers and the adjudication of the contract, will be published in this page, serving this one as BULLETIN BOARD OF THE ORGANISM.

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